By Craig Janik 04 Apr, 2017
Around about 12 months ago I took the decision to start making my own Notebooks.  How Exciting!

Why? I will have to explain in a later post as the explanation is quite long but the short version is I love Stationery and wanted to start with making Notebooks that I felt would be perfect.

In the short time that Darkstar has been going we have had some ups and downs and some BIG learnings.
We started with a stanley blade, a stapler, a cutting pad and run of the mill copier paper which we  were folding by hand.
Slowly this has grown to an industrial guillotine, sadle stapler and some of the finest paper that G.F Smith has to offer ( still currently folded by hand ).
In preparation for an order we put together for Pocket Notebooks we folded 4,200 sheets.
As popularity has grown for our Notebooks I have to say I am amazed at the support and help everyone has given me - Thank You.

For now I have two things to tell you in this First Journal ( not Blog as I feel Journal is more relevant )

Firstly we are focsuing on Traveler Notebooks and resisitng our urge to rush out an A5 notebook. The Traveler Notebooks will be available from us Directly or at Pocket Notebooks ( Stuart at Pocket Notebooks has been a big help ) on the 5th April 2017. Currently they only come in Black and Kraft colours and have blue cross grids ( the blue crosses on the white paper looks great ) 

Secondly my name is Craig. The reason this is so important is that I have kept the fact that I was doing Darkstar as a secret and only very few people who are special to me knew and how can you grow a brand if its a Secret?
It was never a concern what people thought of me because as a good friend once told me you should not worry what people think. It was always more about if people liked the Notebooks. I wanted them to be perfect.

Now all that is left is to release them and I look forward to hearing what you think........

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